Thursday, July 20, 2006

Labeling and Content of Products

It is continually critical for all companies to label all the products that go into anything that is intended to go into a human. This includes everything from alcohol to cigarettes, spices, pies, alcohol, beer, liquor, and wine, and all candies and components that have instructions to cook.

Do NOT cook plastics in microwaves or expose them to high heats. This will cause plastic to leach into your foods and into you. Plastic is a known carcinogen. Most wax paper is fine. Cardboard is fine provided that it has not been treated with plastics or most chemicals. Paper towels are fine so long as they are microwave safe and contain no treated chemicals.

Companies that instruct consumers to cook foods in at-risk plastic containers are at risk for lawsuits from consumer agencies for knowingly exposing and instructing consumers to expose themselves to dangerous carcinogens. This practice must cease yesterday.

Furthermore, consumers should be made aware of any genetically modified "GM" products in foods. Consumers should seek organic foods and avoid hydrogenated oils and animal oils where possible. Products high in fat salt or sugar should be avoided, and companies should be made to label these products clearly 'a high fat food', or salt, or sugar accordingly

Consumers are advised to avoid preservatives and artificial colors and flavors, as they will have negative health effects and put additional unnecessary load on body organs. It is better to buy a product with a shorter expiration date than many [or any] preservatives. Companies are advised to not add artificial colorings or artificial flavorings to their products. Natural colorings and flavorings should be researched and labeled. Note that no natural food is blue. Certain flower petals are blue and could possibly be used for coloring instead of aluminums and other powdered metals.

Please consider purchasing more foods from cooperative and alternative food sources, as they are often conscious of what goes into the foods, have studied the science and material behind it, and are able to produce substantially tastier and more succulent food that is healthier for you!

Thank you for your consideration!


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